Your living space - a work of Art. 
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"To have art" is an expression from Andalusia, Spain, it has a myriad of meanings, but the essence is, it is something inborn. Our inborn love for what we do makes us happy every day. We wish to bring this happiness to our clients' lives. Our inspiration is The Art of creating clean relaxed simplicity and beautiful spaces. We strive to bring the essence and sensibility of each unique project. We work hard to give "a life" to the living spaces. We admire spaces that inspire and motivate people's lives and are in harmony with the surrounding environment. We are inspired by the nature, the colours, the lights, the movements and the peacefulness it brings to our life.  We focus on materials that make you experience and feel. Feel in touch with nature. To accomplish this we work with continuous stone-like Microcement coatings and durable sustainable materials. We love what we do!


Microcement is an elegant, strong cement based material. It creates harmonious jointless surfaces. 


Microcement can be applied almost over any kind of surface, without need for demolition work. It is suitable indoors, outdoors, over subfloor heating and wet-spaces. 


Choose from our colour chart, mix two or more colours,  or ask for a colour to be specially mixed for you. 



Microcement floors & walls

Microcement kitchens 

Microcement bathrooms

Solid concrete Furniture & Microcement Furniture

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We are artisans. We work with our hands, head, and heart. We love what we do, and that can be seen in each and every "work of Art" that we create. 15 years of experience in different construction works, and with different materials have shaped the way we understand the field. We have had the luck to work in different countries and cultures and gather experience and influences.  Learning, improving and exploring horisons is our ongoing project. Many things have changed, but one thing remains the same, the love and dedication we give each one of our projects. 


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